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Kyoto Kagai, Japanese Geisha districts, are a valuable part of Japan’s traditional culture. To become Maiko, young girls leave their homes shortly after graduating from middle school, and travel by themselves to Kyoto. After a year of training, they start on their journey as a Maiko. For at least another 5 years, they polish their arts. Let’s learn about the young Maikos’ efforts and unique charm, and enjoy Kyoto Kagai culture together with Maiko.
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Recruitment Overview
Currently there are said to be around 250 Maiko and Geiko in Kyoto, of which around 70 are Maiko. We believe that by improving the societal status of Maiko and Geiko and gaining recognition of these Kagai workers as a stable occupation, we can help to increase the number of girls who aim to become Maiko and further develop Kyoto’s appeal and Japan’s traditional culture. In order to achieve this, we think it is important that people become able to encounter Maiko and Geiko anytime, and enjoy Kagai culture in a more casual and accessible way. We think this will surely result in more and more people wanting to ‘support Maiko and Geiko’. Therefore, we decided to found the ‘Kyoto & Maiko Culture Fan Club’ where people can deeply enjoy Kyoto’s Kagai culture together with Maiko.
Member Benefits
  1. Beautiful Maiko close to you Delivers 4k Photo (Apple TV 4K) that wakes up to your home TV
  2. Deliver information about Maiko and Geiko We will carry out regular interviews of Maiko and Geiko.
  3. Allow members to participate in social gatherings and Maiko photography sessions for a special member fee. We will organize a photo session with a maiko who can participate casually.
  4. Every day is a solo exhibition. The photos are displayed at a hotel or a store. Deliver to hotels and stores around the world in 4k photo quality.
The photograph is coverage scenery (Maiko: Fumine, interview: Kanchiku)
Member Benefits Maiko TV
You can see the photos taken at the Maiko photo session at the high quality 4k resolution slide show. In addition to appreciating at home, you can use it as an event or a digital photography collection at the store.
Guests are required to have a WiFi internet connection, Apple TV 4K and 4K TV.
By placing the 4k TV vertically (such as wall hangings), It can also be used as a portrait-oriented digital poster. You can select portrait or landscape photos in a slide show.
Screen shot is development.
Member Benefits Maiko Photo Session Member special Discount rates
[Maiko Photo Session - Make the photo OpenData] Recruiting participants!
In the historical stage, such as the town house and the temple of Kyoto, I take a photos while enjoying the dance of the Maiko and communication with a maiko. Because it is a small group of photography sessions, you can enjoy taking pictures slowly. Maiko checks the photo and chooses the Maiko prize. The work you provide will be published as "Open data" that protects the copyright.
You can participate in a special preferential rate at a Maiko photo session held regularly. 2,000 yen to 5000 yen is cheaper than the normal rate.
Membership fee
Kyoto & Maiko Culture Fan Club Membership fee 21,600Yen (Tax in, Valid for 1 year)
Valid for 1 year "Kyoto & Maiko Culture Fan Club" ※If you pay by PayPal, you will be automatically updated (paid) every year. ※It is not possible to cancel after application/payment. ※You will not be refunded for the annual membership fee, even if the renewal is completed on the way to the expiration date.
About the founding, Kyoto & Maiko Culture Fan Club
Why we decided to undertake this project
Maiko and Kagai are a valuable part of Japan’s traditional culture. After graduating from middle school, young girls leave their homes and parents and travel by themselves to Kyoto. They live in a kataya (known as okiya outside of Kyoto), a Maiko and Geiko house, as an apprentice and start their training in the arts. After a year of strict training, they finally start their journey as a Maiko. From there, they then brush-up and perfect their arts for at least 5 more years in order to become a fully-fledged Geiko. What were you like as a 2nd year middle school student?> In order to become Maiko, young girls decide to completely change their lives and lifestyle when they are 2nd or 3rd year Middle school students (15 or 16 years old). From watching young Maiko putting hours and hours of hard work into polishing their skills every day, we felt compelled to show the charm of these young Maiko to as many people as possible. Please compare this to the photo above and see how she has grown over 5 years!
Maiko ‘Koume’ with special hairpin and wearing a black crested haori jacket (taken November 6, 2017 by Jun Kikai).
About training as a Maiko
We asked the Maiko ‘Koume’ (due to graduate and become a Geiko in November, 2017) in September, 2012 about her training as a Maiko. - Birthplace Daizafu city, Fukuoka prefecture - When did you decide to become a Maiko? The summer when I was a 2nd year Middle school student - When did you start training? April 2011 (after graduating Middle school) - When did you debut as a Maiko? 8 March, 2012 - When will you graduate to a Geiko (erigae)? 9 November, 2017 About study and practice: - What do you study? Mai dance, musical instruments (drums, stringed instruments (koto, shamisen, kokyu), flute), traditional singing, narrative stage performance (kiyomoto), tea ceremony - How long do you practice? Around 5 days a month for each subject, many more hours independently - What made you want to become a Maiko? I became interested in Maiko after hearing my tea ceremony teacher talk about Kyoto and Maiko. I also liked Japanese traditional dance and wanted to do a job where I could dance - What do you enjoy about being a Maiko? Being able to study lots of different things, meeting and having conversations with lots of different people - What do you like to do on your days off? Going out to eat together with everyone from my kataya (Maiko and Geiko house) - What is your next goal/dream? To become a accomplished Geiko performer
‘Koume’ as a fresh-faced new Maiko (taken September 2, 2012 by Hiroshi Mizobuchi)
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